To former students and close friends:

These are words I just gave to one of my closest friends, and words that need to resonate within my own life:

Stop worrying about the future. That’s in the future. Focus in the present. That’s all you can do to not waste time. Breathe and go with it. The future will always be in the future. Just be concerned with and focus on what you LOVE and ENJOY doing. That’s really all you can do.

Do not be concerned with keeping up with others around you either, encourage them on their way while you go on your own. Everyone lives their own life, it’s when we get in the business of trying to live through others’ lives that things get messy. It’s not to say to not be of help to others, DO help others when necessary, just don’t dwell in being stagnant in your own life. Always strive for growth.

If you aren’t loving it and growing, then CHANGE. Stop wasting your own time and energy on worrying and dreaming. And DO. Move forward.


Hello All! It has indeed been a minute since my last post… sadly almost a year!! LOTS have happened since then… here’s a quick summation update:

I moved from living alone in a hipster studio apartment with my little kitten Miles, to living with three other friends ((2 of which I’d be (tentatively) graduating with)) in a fantastic 1920s house in a quiet, hipster historic area. Miles has grown from a kitten to a cat! He’s now days away from being a year old and is about 15 pounds!!!

I started my final year of graduate school and began my thesis project for my MFA. Ultimately it’s documenting the logging (clear cutting and heavy selective cut) of my family’s 177 acre (about 266 professional football fields including end zones) wooded property in West Tn. The whole process started back at the end of September 2010 and is still on-going.

I’ve been delayed by a semester for graduating with my masters, so now no longer will I be graduating with my 2 roommates and having a group show in a few weeks; I’ll be having a solo show at the beginning of December! I’ll be able to completely see my whole thesis project through the end of logging and replanting!!

It’s been almost a full year since I’ve been out of teaching as an adjunct/full-time; and I GREATLY miss it! I’ve been working at a local bakery part-time that specializes in cupcakes (though has MANY other lovely delicacies like pie and cake and cookies and puddings and such, to offer too).

A few other noteables:

I took another photo history class!! :o)
I am currently taking an independent study in which I’ve been learning to screen print!! :o)
I’ve been digitally printing on wood veneer!! :o)
I’m getting back into shooting more commercial photography sessions again, after a short time away to focus on grad school and my thesis!! :o)
I’ve started shooting some one-of-a-kind/original images on polaroids (fuji) with my medium format camera with each photo session I do!! :o)

Sarah Moon
Patrick Demarchelier
John Florea
Zena Holloway
F. C. Gundlach
Mark Abrahams
Maggie Steber
Vincent Versace
Alan Detrick
Seán Duggan
Dan Burkholder
Norman Mauskopf
Todd Hido
Dominic Chavez
Damion Bergers
Nikki s. Lee
Daniel Milnor
Andy Spyra
Willy Ronis
Jen Gotch
Joe Deal
Larry Louie
Brad Farwell
Miwa Yanagi
Michiko Kon
Vincente Wolfe
F. C. Gundlach
Nickolas Muray
Ola Rindal
Louis Stettner
David Duchemin
Misha Taylor
Roberto Rubalcava
Waldemar Hansson
Max Modén
Marcio Simnch
Amalia Sieber (aka. Amalia Chimera)
Fernanda Montro
Lee Moon Young
Ella May
Ye Rin Mok
Sarah Hermans

Jill Greenburg
Alex Prager
Maria Carmel
Nobuyoshi Araki
John Davies
Araminta de Clermont
Desiree Dolron
Naoya Hatakeyama
Scarlett Hooft Graafland
Tiina Itoknen
Dodo Jin Ming
Edith Maybin
Byung-Hun Min
Ryuji Miyamoto
Sohei Nishino
Daniele Tamagni
Yoshihiko Ueda
Ofer Wolberger
Andrew Farrington
Bas Princen
Kelli Connell
Wing Young Huie
Sidney Lo
Ian O’Conner
Frankie Galland
Shadi Ghadirian
Roman Espejo Olivo Barbieri
Reed & Rader
Sandrine Castellan
Johnathan Waiter
David Aaron Morett
Red de Leon
Ariel Schlesinger
Tobias Zielony
Brandon Voges
Chris Zedano
Peter Ross
James Worrell
Brian Ulrich
Rune Guneriussen
Hugh Kretschmer
Frank Hülsbömer
David DiMichele
Pieter Hugo
Susan Anderson
Horst A. Friedrichs
Matt Hoyle
Justin Quinnell
Simon Foxton
Lori Nix
Jonah Samson
Grace Weston
Alin Dragulin
Gabriel Jones
Jenny Wicks
Boru O’Brian O’Connell
JeongMee Yoon
Bradley Peters
Michael Lavine
Claire Beckett
Joshua Lutz
Ami Howard
Futoshi Miyagi
Gina Brocker
Kitra Cahana
Rose Marie Cromwell
Adam Kuehl
Greg Mrotek
Irina Rozovsky
Will Steacy
Peter van Agtmael

Elyse Butler
Yoon S. Byun
Andrew Henderson
Matt Mallams
Jonathan Thrasher
Yijun Liao
Willy Ronis
Karen Radkai
Norman Parkinson
Clifford Coffin
Elene Usdin
Solve Sundsbo
Jack Delano
Tom Palumbo
Carol Guzy
Deanne Fitzmaurice
Stan Grossfeld
David J. Leeson
Marcus Bleasdale
Ron Haviv
Gary Knight
Antonin Kratochvil
Christopher Morris
Franco Pagetti
Stephanie Sinclair
John Stanmeyer
Joachim Ladefoged
John Vink
Alex Webb
Donovan Wylie
Raghu Rai
Marilyn Silverstone
Larry Towell
Lise Sarfati
Mark Power
Jim Goldberg
David Alan Harvey
Guy Le Querrec
Richard Kalvar
Werner Bischof
Rene Burri
Chien-Chi Chang
Thomas Dworzak
Elliott Erwitt
Paul Fusco
Paolo Peelgrin
Hiroji Kubota
Sergio Larrain
Peter Marlow
Nikos Economopoulos
Dennis Stock
Jacob Aue Sobol
Alessandra Sanguinetti
Miguel Rio Branco
Burt Glinn
Philippe Halsman
Olivia Arthur
Ian Berry
Stuart Franklin
Trent Parke
Alex Majoli
Josef Koudelka
Harry Gruyaert
Constantine Manos
Inge Morath
Martin Parr
Micha Bar-Am
Bruno Barbey
Jonas Bendiksen
Matt Powell
Abir Abdullah
Andy Levin
Lu Guang
Jane Evelyn Atwood
Milton Rogovin
Ernesto Bazan
Letizia Battaglia
Cristina Garcia Rodero
Brenda Ann Kenneally
Pep Bonet
Kai Wiendenhofer
Maya Goded
Vladimir Syomin
Graciela Iturbide
Dario Mitidieri
Phillip Toledano
Natan Dvir

This is a great way of looking up photos from LIFE magazine ones that were published and ones that weren’t.

“Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE and Google.”

Cecil Beaton
Francis Frith
David Bailey
Stephen Alvarez
Uta Barth
Nigel Barker
Matthew Brady
Zana Briski
Lewis Carroll
William Christenberry
Edward S. Curtis
Terence Donovan
Ernst Haas
William Heick
Horst P. Horst
Yasuhiro Ishimoto
Vincent Laforet
Gustave Le Gray
Sylvia Plachy
Joe Rosenthal
Galen Rowell
August Sander
John Sexton
Sandy Skoglund
William Fox Talbot
Maggie Taylor
James Van Der Zee
Eudora Welty
Minor White
Anne Geddes
Marion Post Wolcott
Carolyn Cole